Saturday, April 9, 2011

Visions of Another Place

Visions of Another Place

Series of over 50 drawings exploring visions, dreams and hallucinations that was started in 2006 and finished around the beginning of 2009.  The complete series was exhibited at the Whippersnapper Gallery, Toronto as part of their show 'Art for chilled hearts' in Febuary 2009. Here are a few highlights, I am slowly adding colour to the series in photoshop so one can expect a future exhibition of colour versions...

Hamingja, 2009
Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, 2009

Mr. Martyr, 2008

Prophet, 2009

Prophets, 2009
Mr. Martyr and the Four Sisters, 2008
"What's with this guy?" 2009
Para, 2008

Mother Minotaur, 2008

Mr. Mess-Age, 2009

Cadaver-droid Recharge, 2009

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