Thursday, April 7, 2011


Milieu: The Psychic Environment

A series of 24 photo-composites made from over 300 digital photos and scanned objects combined with customized photoshop brushes to produce an effective mood and atmosphere while exploring sentiments of an escapist's quest for aesthetic euphoria and mystical insight via divination.

Milieu I
Milieu II

Milieu III
Milieu IV
Milieu V 
Milieu VI
Milieu VII
Milieu VIII
Milieu IX
Milieu X
Milieu XI
Milieu XII
Milieu XIII
Milieu XIV
Milieu XV
Milieu XVI
Milieu XVII
Milieu XVIII
Milieu XIX
Milieu XX
Milieu XXI
Milieu XXII
Milieu XXIII
Milieu XXIV

dAeve Fellows©2011

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