Thursday, July 30, 2015


How many decades had I spent wandering wastelands, deserts of remnants and piles. Id lost count, a very long time to be sure. Perhaps a short time for someone on Earth but the wastelands are strange place effected by mysterious time-dialations and other forces difficult to describe in words. Exploration of this place became an obsession for a time, but now I was simply lost. While I have survived well enough and had many adventures this has mostly been in solitude aside from the occasional creature companion and brief random encounters with other humans.  

It was then when I suddenly found the Mystical Cowboy hat which appeared to float into my left-footed path. It seemed to have a sort of halo of light around which would shift, flashing through many colours. I had only heard stories but according to the legend, when one puts on the hat they are somehow transported or teleported to the Land of Bananada, a very strange place indeed. I placed the hat on my head and closed my eyes...

The Bananadian Flag
To my utter joy, when I opened my eyes I was in Bananada, a magical place of wonder and enchantment. I didn't think the hat looked good on me but I also didn't have a mirror...

Another version of the Bananadian Flag.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Deep Dream Morph Gifs

Experiments feeding a morphing 3D sphere frame by frame through Deep Dream, then animating the output. Further experimentation currently in progress.... #deepdream

Deep Dream Node A

Deep Dream Node B

Deep Dream Node C

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Weirdcraft 2015

Some recent drawings in ink, watercolour, graphite, and pencil crayons on paper. 

Captive Audience

Chance Encounters

The Search

Kawika makes a broadcast via the Network



Two of Wombs (2 of Cups)

Princess of Eyes (Page of Pentacles)

Queen of Wombs (Queen of Cups)

Weirdcraft II: Trial and Error