Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pseudo Euphemism

Pseudo Euphemism


Digital sequence of images inspired by a dream I had in 2003 where I was on a bus with a close friend at the time and driving through a heavily industrialized area someplace, somewhere. Labyrinths of pipes and smokestacks stretching as far the eye could see, I would call it a nightmare had I actually been there. Along the way, the driver started to swirve in and out of the lanes on the road. He finally lost control crashing the bus into a building and as this happened or right before, my friend turned to me and said "Pseudo Euphemism", I remember it clearly. I  had actually never even heard the term 'Euphemism' before and was forced to look it up. A completely baffling dream...

Pollution, 2004
Quiet, 2004
The Anti-Artist, 2004
Untitled, 2004
Gift Economy, 2005

dAeve Fellows©2011

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