Monday, April 25, 2011

Eminent Domain, April 2nd, 2011

Eminent Domain, a monthly concert series of improvised experimental sound at Somewhere There Studio, Toronto. I performed a duet with William Davison of the Recordists for the April installment of the series. Other performers included a duet between Chris Strickland on amplified acoustic guitar & Joda Clément on his MS-20 synthesizer and a trio with Pau Torres playing synthesizer, Tomasz Krakowiak on percussion and Chandan Narayan on Auto-harp and Swaramandal. My setup was based around patching in a Kaossilator and a home-built Thingamagoop 2 into the CV input channels on my Yamaha CS-15D. The Kaossilator also went out to a Kaosspad Mini accompanied by dual Buddhamachines set slightly out of phase from the other. While all this was going on, William had many types homemade goodies and hacked toys with other unconventional instruments such as a shell with contact microphone played with a violin bow. Much to our disappointment the show was not recorded. Recording devices won't be neglected in the future. Special thanks Joda and Chandan for having us and to Nigel for the photos.

dAeve Fellows
Chris Strickland & Joda Clément
dAeve Fellows & William Davison

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