Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Windows Users: Site 3 Mural.

Last Fall I entered a design into Site 3 coLaboratory's 'Mural Dilemma' art battle and won. Here is the concept followed by some progress shots and the finished mural. Special thanks to Kyle Clements, Hillary Predko, Marc Reeve-Newson, Oyster Boy, and everyone at Site 3! What a fun project! In addition, now the window on the right is rigged up with an Arduino powered LED array which I understand will soon allow you to play Tetris on it via your smart phone. Come by and check it out if you're in Toronto: West side of Bloor and Ossington, walk South and it's the first alley on your right behind the church. 
Windows Users, hand drawn concept.

Working on the mural. Photo by Kyle Clements

Almost done. Photo by Kyle Clements

Windows Users Mural by dAeve Fellows

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